Kingmax Releases Stellar USB Waterproof COB

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For devices that play an imperative role in your life, USB flash drives are awfully delicate. A number of us are all too familiar with the feeling of loss and despair when the smallest bit of dust gets into our USB or when it accidentally goes for a swim. In the blink of an eye, all of those important documents that you have been working on and the images, videos and music files you have stored are gone.

Alternatives to data storage are few and most cloud storage either does not come cheap or requires you to download the software onto a device that may not be yours, thereby posing a risk to your files’ security. What can be done to make sure that your files are safe and will not succumb to the smallest bid of moisture and dust?

KINGMAX comes up with an answer to your prayers.

Now, adventurous folks who want to keep their data close to them at all times but may be exposed to all sorts of weather and situations will find the KINGMAX Waterproof COB USB ideal. Available in blue and gray and in 2.0 and 3.0 models, this USB drive puts forth a competitive edge in the data storage market as a high-quality flash drive which is just as tough as it is fast, top performing and compact.

As dubious as a waterproof USB sounds, KINGMAX has introduced innovative technology which allows for your files to be safe even in the case your USB flash drive is exposed to water. KINGMAX’s Product in Package (PIP) technology allows the USB flash drive to be more compact and airtight, safeguarding it against both water and dust.

COB refers to chip-on-board in which the microchip inside of a USB is directly mounted onto its final circuit board, thereby simplifying the design and manufacturing process. O also increases the performance of the USB because of its shorter interconnection paths.

The KINGMAX Waterproof COB USB boasts a read speed of up to 85 MB/s and a maximum write speed of up to 22 MB/s for its USB 3.0 model. The USB 2.0 model also utilizes the innovative COB and Product in Package (PIP) technology.

At only 2.5 grams and the size of a keyboard key, the KINGMAX Waterproof COB USB flash drive provides convenience without compromising performance and resilience. The USB flash drive will be available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities.

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