KOPi USB Power Strip Powers It All UP!

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kopiToday, gadgets have become indispensable that you can no longer spend more than ten minutes without peeking at your phone. Moreover, gadgets today are used not only for sending messages or making phone calls but for a lot of other things as well, such as storing documents, photos, videos, audios, creating presentations and reports, looking for directions to the nearest gas station to paying monthly bills, from reading books and magazines to playing the latest games. You use their smartphones and tablets non-stop, draining their batteries at such a fast rate. And since you cannot go about the day with a drained gadget, you have to devise a way to keep your gadgets fully charged. Of course, there are some problems that you may encounter in charging gadgets. For one, power outlets or USB slots may not be available. Oftentimes, charging facilities are almost always occupied.

If you are one of those people who encounter problems charging your gadgets which get drained almost always, you may want to consider a handy charger like the Kopi KBar charger.

The KOPi KBar USB Charger comes from Hong Kong. It is a 3-outlet power strip that allows charging of two high power mobile devices with its two 21-watt 5-voltage USB ports. An interesting feature of KOPi KBar USB Charger Power Strip is that it lets you change the wattage when you charge, according to your needs. Plus, it is designed with cool colors. The power inputs of the KOPi USB Power Strip are also conveniently spaced apart to allow simultaneous use.

KOPi USB Power Strip, with its advanced battery charging technology, also allows faster charge for your gadgets as compared to charging your gadget on a USB port on your computer. In an hour or so, you can have your smart phone charged to a full battery. Aside from that, there are eight USB ports on the KOPi USB Power Strip, allowing you to charge eight USB-charging devices simultaneously. Each pair of inputs has slider-switches to designate that the device you are charging is an iOS or an Android, probably to indicate that the voltage needed differs from one gadget to another.

KOPi USB Power Strip sells in the market for $60. It is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, iPod, all Android phones, and most Android tablets and very easy to use. However, it may not be as small and handy as compared to other chargers. But its ability to allow multiple charging of gadgets may be enough to compensate for its size and shape.

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