SanDisk Announces Ultra Dual USB Drive for Android Devices

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As smartphones and tablets are getting amazingly thinner and faster every day, the amount we use these devices is also increasing. That means we’re storing more data on them than ever before.

Every Android device comes with some amount of built-in memory, usually somewhere between 4GB and 16GB. Most phones and tablets have the option to expand their storage capacity with a MicroSD card slot.

However, many newer Android devices – such as Google’s Nexus family of phones – have fixed internal storage only. This can be a problem for power users, who may find themselves running out of space on their mobile devices.

To illustrate my point, here is a list of the top 10 most downloaded free apps on the Google Play store as of February 2014:

1. Facebook – 15.1 MB
2. Pandora – 6.0 MB
3. Facebook Messenger – 9.9 MB
4. Clumsy Bird – 2.4 MB
5. Instagram – 10.3 MB
6. Candy Crush Saga – 35.2 MB
7. Unroll Me – 12.6 MB
8. Netflix – 13.5 MB
9. SnapChat – 7.3 MB
10. Skype – 16.4 MB
Total: 128.7 MB

On a device with only 4GB of internal memory, installing only the top 10 free apps will eat up 3% of your device’s memory right off the bat. These are just basic apps for messaging, communication, and entertainment. A game for enthusiasts like Asphalt 8, a driving game from GameLoft, clocks in at 1.59 GB!! To date, it has over 5 million downloads in the Google Play store.

When you consider that most people also load up their phones with their music library, podcasts, audiobooks, and all of the HD video and pictures they’ve shot, you can see how phones can fill up quickly. Fortunately, SanDisk has a solution.

It’s called the Ultra Dual USB Drive and it makes moving data between your phone/tablet and your home computer much easier. There are no cables and no special software required; everything is handled through one pocket-sized drive.

Here’s how it works: the Ultra Dual USB Drive has a USB 2.0 connector on one end and a Micro USB connector on the other end. When you connect the USB 2.0 end to your PC or Mac, it functions like a regular USB flash drive with 16 to 64GB of storage (depending on which one you buy).

When you plug the Micro USB connector into your OTG compatible (USB OnTheGo) device, you can transfer files from your phone to the drive. SanDisk have even released a free app called Memory Zone to help you out with this.

The Ultra Dual Drive from SanDisk is a great way to transfer things like photos and videos from your device to your home computer. You can also use it for making backups of your phone, in case you’re just not comfortable using a cloud service like DropBox or Google Docs to store your personal information. Having a physical backup of your phone is also a good measure in case your handset gets lost, broken, or stolen.

The 64GB version is available now at BestBuy and other retailers for $49.99. Just remember to make sure that your device is compatible with USB OTG before you buy!

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