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The 3 Biggest Misconceptions About USBs

USB flash drives are an essential tool that can help any organization manage, share, and control their data more efficiently. But they are also often misunderstood. Not a lot of people understand how USBs work, and misconceptions about how fragile … Continue reading

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Death By Data: The USB That Could Kill Your PC

Do you know where your USB has been? You may want to think twice about plugging in a USB whose origins you can’t account for: A company in Hong Kong has developed a USB drive that can fry your computer! … Continue reading

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Simpsons Custom Shape USB Drives

In today’s market, there’s a flash drive for every type of consumer imaginable. There’s the rugged outdoors person who needs a USB drive that’s just as tough and weathered as he is. There’s the businessman who prefers flash drives to … Continue reading

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