USB Tethering: Samsung Hack and Droid 2 Update

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USB Tether Samsung & Droid

The multipurpose applications for USB technology never cease to amaze and a glance at the tech headlines proves why it’s still in demand.  For example, USB tethering has become an increasingly common buzzword.  It plays a unique role for the Droid 2 as well as the Samsung Focus and Windows Phone 7 use.

So what is USB tethering?  It means that you are using your smartphone as a modem by connecting the device to a computer.  This allows access to the Internet through a cellular network.  Tethering may use mobile apps and software to work.  Tethering varies from provider to provider.  Some carriers claim that it violates their terms of use, while others will allow it for a certain fee.

The reason USB tethering is so appealing is that netbooks don’t always have the connectivity you need in certain outdoor or WiFi-less settings.  Although at times, you may want the ease and simplicity of use a notebook offers compared to your phone.  By creating a mobile hotspot, a USB tether allows more than one smartphone to hone in on your connection if need be.

The latest reports reveal that Windows Phone 7 won’t allow USB tethering, but as usual, someone has found a way to tap into tethering for the Samsung Focus.  Zune software is required on your computer to make it happen.  According to Mobility Digest, these are the series of steps required to make it happen:

– Dial and call ##634#

– The diagnostics mode comes up and then on your phone, dial *#7284#

– Next, select “Modem, Tethered Call” in the popped up dialog box.  The phone will then restart.

– Now, you’ll connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable so that the necessary USB drivers can be installed.

– On your computer you can change the Samsung modem settings in the control panel’s network center.

– The number should be set to *99***1#, username WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM, password CINGULAR1.

It cannot be stressed enough to tether at your own risk.  Be mindful that you will in fact be violating AT&T’s terms of service by following these particular steps.  Also, USB tethering in general will drain your phone battery at a faster rate when in use.

The success of USB tethering for this phone with other carriers remains to be seen.  The fact that the phone has the capabilities for tethering but isn’t allowing the general public to use it is somewhat frustrating.  However, it could indicate that Windows Phone 7 is keeping its options open for future possibilities.

In more USB tethering news, the online rumor mill is swirling with the promise of smartphone modem capabilities for the Motorola Droid2 via software update.  One Android fan, ps3droid, teased fellow users with some exciting screen shots from the new Rom Build for Droid 2, which features the new USB wired tether option.

Have you tried out USB tethering or do you plan to?  Tell us what you like and don’t like about it.

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